Elegant Interior Painting Darwin

The best way to change the appearance of your home is by painting. Planning your project is crucial as there are many factors to consider before you begin. To ensure the seamless completion of your project, our professional team will talk with you about all the details.

Colour Selection

Bold colours can bring depth and texture to a space, but a wrong colour choice can lead to disappointment that will take time, effort, and money to correct once the painting is complete. Our experts are familiar with the psychology behind colour and can help you choose the right colour palette to achieve the desired effect for any room of your house.

Which paint should I use?

Are there any flaws in your walls? What are the materials used to make your walls? Are you planning on putting it in a high-traffic area? Is there excessive sun exposure? All these factors should be considered when choosing the right paint. The team can give you an expert recommendation about the type of sheen or finish that will affect the outcome of your project. This will also impact the budget.


The surface to be painted will also be evaluated when we visit your house or office. We will assess the damage and determine the best way to paint the surface. The job will be estimated accurately by us. The cost breakdown for materials will be provided to you.


There are many ways to save money for budget-conscious people. Talk to an A1 Painter staff member about what you can do to save money before we start work. These tasks include moving furniture, covering fixtures that are not possible to move, cleaning, and removing wall hangings.

Project Timings

Planning is essential. Planning is essential to ensure that the job goes smoothly and there are no delays. The cost of a painting job is reduced by the amount of time it takes. This allows for a smaller budget and less disruption to the home or office. This is especially important for rental properties. Tenants should be kept informed about progress and any requirements, such as ventilation or no contact with the paint.

The production schedule for painting will be discussed in order to plan access, parking, storage, and painting equipment. Water supply will also be needed for cleaning the area. A1 Painter will give the production schedule to contractors for jobs that may require electricians or plumbers. This will ensure they know the exact time they will be required to be on-site. This is vital as waiting for tradesmen to arrive to complete the work delays the completion date.


We will discuss the proper maintenance of your newly painted area to ensure it lasts as long as possible and protects its underlying surface.

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