Commercial Painters Darwin

We know how to improve and promote your company’s business and make it stand out.

Shaun Morgan – Owner

Our expertise is in painting large commercial buildings. We know that first impressions are important so give us a call if your business’s exterior or interior is looking tired.

High-Quality Results

We strive for quality. This is achieved by only using the finest materials and having the best people available. Our staff is available to discuss your options and make recommendations for your workplace.

Our Equipment and Team

We’ve been in the business for long enough to understand what makes a great painter and what makes a bad one. Only the very best are hired by us. They have a track record of producing high-quality work and deserve to be part of the A1 Painters Team. It is essential that only the highest quality paint be used in Northern Territory’s harsh weather conditions. We will give you our expert advice for any aspect of your business.

Schedule of Jobs

We know that disruptions to your business can be costly. We plan each job carefully with you, so you have time to make alternate arrangements. We are proud to finish jobs quickly and without compromising on quality. We will return to your office within a short time.


We offer commercial services in Darwin at a cost you can afford. Quality does not have to be costly. Talk to us today!

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