Our Top Tips To Extending The Lifespan Of Your Paint Brushes

Our Top Tips To Extending The Lifespan Of Your Paint Brushes

Professional painters cherish their paint brushes the most. Stiff or worn-out brushes are not something that a painter should enjoy. Quality, well looked after brushes will produce the best results. How can you ensure your paintbrushes last longer?

Tips when painting to prolong the life of your paint brush:

Brushes are an absolutely essential tool when you paint. Along with the paint, they are what turn a blank canvas into a work of art. Brushes can be expensive, but there are ways to prolong their life.

  • You can take a break from painting by placing the brush in a high-quality pail. Make sure it is upright.
  • You should fill your pail with paint so that it doesn’t dunk the paintbrush to the ferrule (the metal section between the handles and the brushes)
  • Place the brush in the paint and tap the bristles to remove any paint.
  • Keep your bristles moist until you finish your painting project. They will be easier to clean once they have cooled.

Tips when cleaning your paint brush:

Painting is a fun hobby to get into, but it can be quite messy. In order to clean your paint brush, you will need a cup of water, some soap and a towel. First, pour the water into the cup and then add soap. Next, dip your brush into the mixture and scrub it against the towel until all of the paint is gone.

  • After you have completed the painting, rinse the pail with water.
  • Use a wire brush to remove any paint. However, be gentle as too much pressure could cause bristles to break.
  • After cleaning, dip the brush into the pail. Then swirl the water around the brush until all paint is gone. Continue the process several times, using clean water until all paint is gone. After swirling the brush in the pail, the water should no longer be colourless.
  • Use your hands to squeeze out any excess water from the brush. Use a smaller brush to absorb excess water. If your brush is not flat or broad enough, tap the ferrule of one of the shoes to activate it. If you are wearing flip-flops, open shoes, or any other type of footwear, don’t do this.

Keep the brushes covered with newspapers while they are being stored and then put them in their cases or other boxes.